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our vision

We envision a world that embraces the neurodiversity of humanity where every child with developmental, intellectual, and behavioral challenges can access superior quality programs tailored to their needs when school is not in session.

Our Purpose

The purpose of this non-profit is to provide childcare outside the home for school-age children with developmental and intellectual disabilities who have special needs including those who exhibit challenging behaviors.

Our Mission

Joyful Friends Programs will provide a loving, nurturing, educational and fun experience that is safe and inclusive.  

  • We utilize structure activities and curriculum to foster physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and academic development.   

  • We are committed to maintaining or advancing these children’s educational and behavioral goals when school is not in session. 

  • We enable parents and caregivers to maintain gainful employment when their children are out of school.

Our Values

  • Inclusiveness

  • Community

  • Collaboration

We Need Your Support Today!

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