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Educational Components like the Zula STEM Exploration Program

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

The Zula STEM Exploration Program was designed to be flexible and easily tailored to your resources, time constraints, and your K-5 student’s needs. Most importantly, it was designed to be ENGAGING!

Zula STEM Exploration Program

It provides interactive, investigative activities designed to get young children thinking scientifically. The missions harness young children’s natural curiosity of the world around them. The format encourages participants to make connections with math, language arts, creative arts, and other subjects through multimedia, hands-on experiments and activities, books, open-ended discussion, and home connections.

Each module in The Zula STEM Exploration Program covers several related topics. For example, the Combining Matter module contains Mixture, Solution, and Chemical Reaction activities and includes many suggestions for making meaningful connections between children’s interests and local/regional issues. There are two missions per topic: Level 1, which is an introductory activity, and Level 2, which builds upon what children discovered and observed in Level 1.

For assessment, educators are encouraged to use authentic methods for assessing student learning that focus on concept understanding. Zula has also created more traditional types of assessments to aid educators in evaluating their children’s knowledge of a subject and how that knowledge progresses over time. The assessment tools help educators determine which concepts may need to be reinforced.

The missions harness young children’s natural curiosity of the world around them.

Environmental Module

What is the difference between weather and climate? After making their own weather measurement tools and creating their own greenhouse effect, students will understand the difference and why it matters.

Mission Activity Topics • Climate • Greenhouse Effect • Weather

Lifecycles Module

Animal, vegetable, or mineral? Students will investigate the different ways in which living things grow and change throughout their lives.

Mission Activity Topics • Plants and Animals • Metamorphosis • Frogs

Habitats Module

From the forest floor to the ocean floor, and the treetops to the wave tops, students will explore different habitats and the diversity of life they contain. They will learn ways to make healthy habitats for plants and animals, and how to protect their environment.

Mission Activity Topics • Oceans • Rainforests • Habitats

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