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June 6th - July 29th, 2022 

Monday thru Friday - 7:30 am to 6 pm

Joyful Friends Summer Camp

Joyful Friends Summer Camp

We will provide a loving, nurturing, educational and fun summer camp experience that is safe and inclusive.  

  • We focus on campers with moderate to severe developmental and intellectual differences as well as those with challenging behaviors.

  • We utilize structure activities and curriculum to foster physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and academic development.   

  • We are committed to maintaining or advancing these campers’ educational and behavioral goals during the summer months. 

  • We enable parents and caregivers to maintain gainful employment when their children are out of school.

Our Vision

We envision a world that embraces the neurodiversity of humanity where every child with developmental and intellectual differences will be able to access superior quality summer camps and after-school care programs tailored to their needs.


Dense Activity Schedule

  • Planned transition strategies

  •  On-Campus Field trips

Behavior Plan coordination

  • Our goal is that your child not fall backwards in their IEP during the summer

  • As needed, we will coordinate with your child's school and other therapists to continue their progress

Educational Components

  • STAR Program

  • Fun Hands-On Science Activities

  • Social and Emotional Learning

Physical Fitness

  • SPARK Inclusive Physical Fitness program

  • Customized for each child

  • Group activities as capable