Joyful Friends Day Camps

Our Vision

We envision a world that embraces the neurodiversity of humanity where every child with developmental and intellectual differences can access superior quality camp programs tailored to their needs when school is not in session. 

We will provide a loving, nurturing, educational, and fun camp experience that is safe and inclusive.  

  • We focus on campers with moderate to severe developmental and intellectual differences and those with challenging behaviors.

  • We utilize structured activities and curriculum to foster physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and academic development.   

  • We are committed to maintaining or advancing these campers’ educational and behavioral goals during camp. 

  • We enable parents and caregivers to maintain gainful employment when their children are out of school.

Dense Activity Schedule

  • Planned transition strategies

  •  On-Campus Field trips

Behavior Plan coordination

  • Our goal is that your child not fall backwards in their IEP during the summer

  • As needed, we will coordinate with your child's school and other therapists to continue their progress

Educational Components

  • STAR Program

  • Fun Hands-On Science Activities

  • Social and Emotional Learning

Physical Fitness

  • SPARK Inclusive Physical Fitness program

  • Customized for each child

  • Group activities as capable